Carmen Ferrer
Civil, Penal and administrative law

Her expertise is Civil, Penal and administrative law.

I have a Bachelor degree in Law at the University of Valencia since 1989. In 1991, Then I completed a master's degree in financial and tax law and I started working at D. Francisco Amorós law firm. After working there for 2 years, I worked as replacement judge at Paterna court for 2 years also.


Since 1994 until 1996, I was living in Chicago, IL, USA, and I have been working as a Visiting Attorney, in Hill, Steadman, and Simpsom Law Firm Intellectual Property Law (patents, trademarks, copyrights) and also, in Burditt & Radzius Chartered, Law Offices, dedicated at Civil and International Law, consequently, I am capable to speak in legal English whit the clients.


In 1996 I moved back to Spain, where I’ve been working as an attorney for some banking entities (Banco Central Hispanoamericano, Banco de Santander, BMW). Currently and since 2005, I’m working for Banco Popular Español S.A., interposing foreclosures, nullity actions for fraud of creditors, complaints for the raising of assets, evictions or criminal actions against illegal occupations of property. Also I have been in charge of lawsuits against the Banco Popular.