• Application for fiscal person identification number in Spain. NIE number.
  • Preparation the Power of Attorney.
  • We verify the urban classification of the Land and planning permission and local license.
  • Obtaining a property register report. Basically, checking that the property is free from debts and there is not any outstanding tax.
  • Complete all necessaries searchers on the legal status of the Property.
  • Agreeing terms and conditions of the contract for sale and purchase.
  • Checking the fiscal value of the property for tax purposes.
  • Filing and lodging taxes before Inland Revenue.
  • Management with and preparing all documentation regarding to the community of property owners.
  • Arranging the mortgage with the Bank and obtaining the best conditions for the purchasers.
  • Make preparations at the Notary Public before signing the title deed.
  • Assisting the purchaser before the notary and checking all necessary documentation before signing the title deed.
  • Arranging for the registration of the title deeds at the Land Registry. 


Construction Litigation

  • Arbitrations, mediations and trials involving contract disputes.
  • Architect liability claims.
  • Building design defects.
  • Environmental concerns.
  • Construction liens.
  • Delay damages claims.
  • Design and construction claims.


Real Estate Litigation

  • Aborted transactions, after sales litigation and deficiencies.
  • Condominium litigation, common expense liens, court applications and power of attorney.
  • Construction liens and trust claims.
  • Landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Mortgage enforcement, including power of sale, foreclosure, possession and shortfall actions.
  • Property disputes.
  • Joint Wall and  boundary disputes.


Our main services would consist in the followings:

  • Habitual services of management of property, such as legal advising, claim of debts to non-paying propetiors, as much judicial as extrajudicial.
  • Mediation in conflicts between neighbours.
  • Information about all the events, managements, expenses and income taking place in the Community, an information that usually any person has access to in a comfortable form.
  • All kind of incidences that may arrise in the Community.


Our Lawyers