Jose Rico
Family law

His expertise is Family law in connection with civil law and criminal law.

He is a Spanish lawyer since on September 2002, he is running the department the Head of the Family law of Tomas Ballestero Abogados.

Previously, he was acting as counsel of LEX PRACTICE SL Attorneys and Counselors, this law firm is based in Valencia. Currently he is a general counsel and SR CABINET LEGAL counsel for the Federation of Joint Custody in Spain, as well as the Joint Custody Association Since Valencia.

Jose is specialized in Matrimonial and Family Law, both in its civil aspect (separations, divorces, modifications of measures, pensions ...) and in its criminal (violence, crimes of neglect, abduction ...), with a great experience in a field that transcends the merely legal to family and personal.

"Empathy is the essential tool of a good lawyer"