José Manuel Tomás
Civil, Business and administrative law

He is the Senior Partner of the law firm.
His expertise is Civil, Business and administrative law.

A law degree from the University of Valencia in 1988 , founded Thomas Ballestero Lawyers in Valencia in 1992 , later expanding to Jávea ( Alicante ) .

Among the masters and specialization courses noteworthy for its importance and prestige, the Master of International Business Management offered jointly by the University of Valencia and Impiva Specialist and International Business Communication from Spain given by the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain .

He is the Head of Tomas Ballestero Abogados and has expertise in a wide range of issues in which, because of its complexity , various branches of law are affected. So, has extensive experience in the field of Real Estate Law (in its civil aspect, administrative , fiscal, economic ... ), in the field of Civil Law, Commercial Law and Administrative Law, and in general, is in position to advise companys and individuals, always looking to maximize the interests and the best defense of the rights of their clients in their private relations and in their relations with public administrations. Great litigator and expert in Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration.

"It is not worth attending the court unless you have not been able to carry out all possibilities of negotiation"