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Separations and divorces of mutual agreement and contentious (also between foreigners). Ecclesiastic nullities. Establishment and modification of measures in regulatory agreements. Express divorces.

Claim of pensions, update of the same ones in conformity with the CONSUMER PRICES INDEX, claim of extraordinary expenses, claim of compensation for loss of use of the familiar house.

Determination of the custody; regime of visits; sole and shared custody; claim of visits for the grandparents, uncles, nephews …; authorizations for the exercise of the native legal authority on the minors (exits of the country, matriculation in colleges, change of domicile …).

Liquidation of the regime of joint property, adjudications, division of the common property. Filiation, claims and challengings paternities.

In his penal slope, we include all the criminal figures that take place in the familiar area:

Violence in the penal jurisdiction (giving assistance from the detention) and in the civilian (measured civilians derived from the crime).

Breaking duties of custody.

Minors induction to the abandoment of the home.

Family abandon for non-payment of Pensions.

Minors international subtraction.

Illegal marriages.

Alteration of the paternity.

Changes to the paternaty.

Jose Rico

José is one of the best known specialist family law solicitors in Valencia and Alicante. Under his leadership the family and matrimonial department, Tomas Ballestero Lawyers is the leader in the field.

Rebeca Sánchez

She has expertise in all aspects of family law. Her work involves every aspect of family breakdown but specifically, her work focuses on financial settlement and the future arrangements for children over the last 7 years.

Juan Poch

Juan is an experienced and approachable family lawyer with Tomás Ballestero Lawyers. He specialises in all areas of relationship breakdown and enjoys an excellent and trusted reputation with his clients, local courts and fellow professionals.

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