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  • Application for fiscal person identification number in Spain. NIE number.
  • Preparation the Power of Attorney.
  • We verify the urban classification of the Land and planning permission and local license.
  • Obtaining a property register report. Basically, checking that the property is free from debts and there is not any outstanding tax.
  • Complete all necessaries searchers on the legal status of the Property.
  • Agreeing terms and conditions of the contract for sale and purchase.
  • Checking the fiscal value of the property for tax purposes.
  • Filing and lodging taxes before Inland Revenue.
  • Management with and preparing all documentation regarding to the community of property owners.
  • Arranging the mortgage with the Bank and obtaining the best conditions for the purchasers.
  • Make preparations at the Notary Public before signing the title deed.
  • Assisting the purchaser before the notary and checking all necessary documentation before signing the title deed.
  • Arranging for the registration of the title deeds at the Land Registry. 


Construction Litigation

  • Arbitrations, mediations and trials involving contract disputes.
  • Architect liability claims.
  • Building design defects.
  • Environmental concerns.
  • Construction liens.
  • Delay damages claims.
  • Design and construction claims.

Real Estate Litigation

  • Aborted transactions, after sales litigation and deficiencies.
  • Condominium litigation, common expense liens, court applications and power of attorney.
  • Construction liens and trust claims.
  • Landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Mortgage enforcement, including power of sale, foreclosure, possession and shortfall actions.
  • Property disputes.
  • Joint Wall and  boundary disputes.


Our main services would consist in the followings:

  • Habitual services of management of property, such as legal advising, claim of debts to non-paying propetiors, as much judicial as extrajudicial.
  • Mediation in conflicts between neighbours.
  • Information about all the events, managements, expenses and income taking place in the Community, an information that usually any person has access to in a comfortable form.
  • All kind of incidences that may arrise in the Community.

Rebeca Sánchez

Practising lawyer since 2007, member of the Madrid Bar Association of Lawyers, with roomy experience in conveyancing tasks of non-resident clients.

Juan Poch

Juan is the Head of the Property Law Division. Juan has extensive experience in all areas of Property Law. He provides strong expertise and a wide range of knowledge of all property law and conveyancing matters.

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